A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite or overwhelming obstacles!


Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?

It seems that the only time we think of Heroes is when there is a disaster. Thatís when we chant and praise them and even feed them. The people we now say are Heroes were there doing there job yesterday and the day before and even last year when we didnít even notice them. Everyday of their career they are Heroes because they chose to do a job that most people canít.

We now praise our Military, they are Heroes patrolling the streets, skyís and even waters around our cities.
When these Heroes came back from Vietnam thinking they really were Heroes we spit on them in their own
country. They didnít get a parade, they got another fight.

After Vietnam our government decided it wasnít safe for our military to walk the streets of their own country in uniform they asked them to leave the military installations in regular street clothes so they would fit in.
Remember these are our Heroes.

At a minutes notice our Heroes respond to a deadly crisis without even blinking an eye. When a police officer stops us for doing something wrong we call him a pig, not a Hero. When we need them and they canít be found we say "Check the Donut Shop". These Heroes are greatly underpaid and defiantly overworked, but we fail to give them a pay raise or new equipment to save lives.

We have volunteer Firefighters and EMS personal all over our country. They are volunteer so they donít get
paid. They do it all for free and we donít call them Heroes, I have heard a lot of things but not Heroes. We now call them Heroes because they are doing their jobs. They too were always there doing their job and always have been a Hero!

As Americans we forget how free we really are. We take everything for granted and forget to pass on core
values to our children, except when disaster hits. We no longer talk to our neighbors, the mailman, or a person in the street. We no longer say "Hello" or "Good Morning" to people we donít know. You no longer go into a neighborhood and smell the delicious foods cooking in the kitchens.

As Americans we need to take a step back and take another look at our lives, our childrenís lives, and the lives around us. We need to know that there are Heroes that walk among us each and every day. Some of them are unknown Heroes, some of them you can see real clear, but still they are Heroes.

People who volunteer their time to help someone or our children are Heroes. They take the time to do something the rest of us donít want to. Most people talk to a Hero a couple of times a week and donít even know it, because we donít take the time to find out.

Each and every one of us can be a Hero. Do something unexpected for someone. Volunteer to help a group. Bake Cookies for your elderly neighbors. For more ways to help go to Pass it On .

Lets not lose our Heroes again.

Remember them everyday in your prayers and Thank them often.

Remember the unsung Heroes and the Heroes in all of us.


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